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The way
to recruit remote software engineers
E2E IT Recruiting for startups - optimize time-to-fill and hiring funnel.
top remote talEnt
They fully understood our needs from day one and have offered the most practical solutions since.
SVP of Engineering at Mynd Property Management
Igor Dubosarskiy
We can help you hire senior software engineers at reasonable rates with solid communication skills and a 4-hours time zone alignment.
The demand for IT professionals is high everywhere in the world. If you want to scale while staying competitive, you need to do more and do better.
What is Top Remote Talent?
What challenges we solve?
Hire an engineering talent in 29 days at reasonable rates.
Talent acquisition
Achieve the hiring targets decreasing the cost per hire.
Recruiting funnel optimization
the talent you were looking for
Hire a remote developer
in 29 days from 150+ countries.
Our success fee model ensures that you pay only for results.
Zero risk
300+ engineers hired in 2021.
e2e it recruiting
Each stage of the process is designed to simplify the hiring.
We can set up and support recruiting funnel in Jira, any chosen ATS, or provide you with a custom applicant tracking environment.
50%+ tech interview passing rate.
360 feedback collection at each stage to maintain a high candidate's experience.
how to hire top remote talent?
Conventional and specialized job boards
Relationship management and 360 feedback collection
Analytics and reporting
Outbound marketing and proactive sales
Tristan Roozendal
CEO at Centralex
The dev market is very competitive, and we needed a diversified, geography agnostic approach to recruitment. Top Remote Talent helped us achieve that.
why choose top remote talent?
Each stage of the process is designed to simplify the hiring.
We work with startups of all sizes helping them accelerate time-to-market.
We are engineers and specialize in hiring engineering talent.
Let’s get in touch!
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